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Awana® is an International children's Bible club, it's name is from the Bible

2 Timothy 2:15 A pprovedWorkmen Are Not Ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Camarillo Community Church is located on the corner of Las Posas road and Carmen drive in Camarillo, CA.

Club meets Thursday nights during the Pleasant Valley School year September 14 2023 - May 30 2024

Register your child club nights or click CamCC Awana® Registration, rainy nights end 7:30 pm (except Journey)

Time Club Name Description
6-7:45 pm Cubbies Pre Kindergarten (co-ed)
6-8 pm Sparkies Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd (co-ed)
6-8 pm Truth & Training (T&T) 3rd-5th grade (separate boys, girls)
6-8 pm Trek (J.V.) 6th-8th grade Jr. High (co-ed)
7:30 - 9pm Journey (Varsity) 9th-12th grade Sr. High(co-ed)
CamCC Awana® info: email Commander at

Important Dates 2023-24 club year

Date Time Scheduled Event
September 14 6-8 pm Welcome back - first club night
September 28 6-8 pm Parents Night
October 14 Sat 9-12 am Awana Fall Leaders Conference ONLINE
October 27-29 all day Awana Family Campout
January 20 Sat 1-4 pm Awana Grand Prix
March 18 Sunday Awana Burrito Breakfast pre,post Gathering
April 20 Sat 8-12 am Car Wash / Pancake Breakfast
May 2 6-8 pm Fairmont Fair
May 23 6-8 pm Water night with Baptism
June 6 6-8 pm Awards Night
June 8 6-7 pm Leaders & families Dinner
6/23-6/29 2024 Sun - Sat Southwestern Leadership Camp @ Idyllwild, CA

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Awana® Central Coast CA

Page Author Kirk served in Awana®as:
T&T™ boys club Director, Leader, Audio Tech
AwanaGames™ Certified Judge, CamCC Coach
Bible Quiz Judge, CamCC Team Coach
Camp Counselor, Activity Director, Team Captain
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