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F.A.Q. - F requently Asked Questions

What are the Authors values?
My Personal Purpose Statement is:
    Share the Gospel of grace with everyone,
    Live as a Disciple of Christ everyday,
    Help children grow Spiritually,
    Serve the Lord at my local Church,
    Change this world by being a real friend,
    Support computer Professionals.

How do I find information on going to Heaven?
To know you are going to heaven click Eternal Life.

How do I find Christian Concert Information?
Click Concerts to find concerts in the greater Los Angeles area.

How do I contact (phone, email) the Author of this page?
Click Contact Info or use the phone number below.

How Do I find things on this site?
Website Navigation:
Click on a blue navigation button on the left to move between pages, or click on the down arrow of the Jump To menu (above the buttons to select a page. Click Sitemap for a page directory.

To return to this page again click on the top Home icon button,
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Search my website click Search Kirk Barnes' Personal Site

How can I find out more about the owner Kirk Barnes?

For Owner Information click the links below:
My Resume or My References or My Personal welcome page.



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