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Angels remind us of the angels that told Mary that she would conceive a son and name Him Jesus because He would save His people from their sins.
The star reminds us of the “Star of Bethlehem” that the Magi followed to find the baby Jesus.
Christmas Trees point upward to God who made them. They are made from evergreen which represents the everlasting life Jesus gave us. The green shows how we can grow in the new life that we have after accepting Christ as Lord into our heart.
Gifts remind us of the free gift God gave - His only son Jesus who would later die on the cross for our sins. They also symbolize the gifts of the Magi from the east, and our giving nature at Christmas time as "it is better to give than receive".
The Creche (a life sized Nativity scene with live animals) was first thought of by Saint Francis of Assisi. It spread from Europe to everywhere in homes, and Churches.
A candymaker named Olaf in the village of Ostendorf who loved the children in his town wanted to create a candy that he could share with everyone the true meaning of Christmas. Pointed up (like picture) it is a staff of the Good Shepherd who protects us (John 10:11). If you turn the Candy Cane over it is a J for Jesus (Matthew 1:21). The dark red stripe shows Jesus' blood that he would give for us on the Cross (John 19:34). The two smaller stripes are for the stripes on Jesus' back when he was beaten by the Roman soldiers (Isaiah 53:5) and all three stripes remind us of the Holy Trinity, and God's power (3 strands are not quickly broken). The stripes go around and around the Candy Cane never ending show us the everlasting life brought by Jesus that never ends. The white part of the candy represents the pure Lamb of God (Jesus) who was perfectly.  The hardness of the cane reminds us that Jesus is the "Rock" (Psalm 31:3).
The Wreath is an unbroken circle symbolizing eternal life, the evergreen also is a sign of the everlasting life that Jesus brought to us. Holly is used as a symbol of victory and Christians use holly to show that Christ has come to dwell in their house. The red berries represent his blood that he was born to give for us. The bow reminds us of God's free gift - Jesus.
Saint Nicholas born in Patras, in Asia Minor (now Turkey) was very kind, and interested in the Holy Scriptures. When his parents died, he decided to give his inheritance to the less fortunate. He died on December 6 which many European countries celebrate as a holiday. His name in different countries: Germany - Knecht Ruprecht, France- P'ere Fouettard, Dutch - Sinterklass (where we get the name Santa Claus). England - Father Christmas, Costa Rica - el nino Jesus, In Sweden gifts are brought by his elf Tomate on a sleigh pulled by goats. In Holland he arrives in Amsterdam by boat.
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