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This is a list of changes made to Barnescomputer.net! Personal Pages:

Date Latest Update(s)/Additions
8/24/23 Updated Awana, Awana T&T , Concerts
8/24/23 Updated Webcam Page page
8/19/23 Updated Scholars Camp page
10/13/18 Added music, verse cards to Handbook page
10/6/18 Added Large Group page , 2018-19 updates
9/11/14 Added Awana page updates for 2014-15
9/24/11 Added Awana Leaders page , added fav icons
9/9/11 Updated all Holiday Pages All Awana info
2/5/11 Updated Web Cams Concerts , T&T Photos 11
2/2/11 Updated Welcome KidsLinks ,Discipleship
1/27/11 Updated Camp, T&T Photos, added counters.
8/12/09 Updated Awana T&T Handbook.
4/19/09 Updated all Awana T&T photo pages.
4/18/09 Updated all Awana Camp photo pages.
9/15/08 Updated Awanapages 2008-2009 events.
5/2/08 Updated T&T Awana Bible Quiz page.
9/13/07 Updated Concerts, and Webcams.
9/12/07 Updated Awana pages 2007-2008 events.
9/8/07 Updated Buisiness pages, and Webcam links.
08/31/06 Updated AwanaPages for 2006-07.
10/1/05 Added Halloween Page pumpkin links.
8/7/05 Updated Scholars Camp Page with 05 pics.
3/4/05 Added St.Patrick's Day page page, shamrock.
1/10/05 Added Valentines page with heart icon.
12/3/04 Added Christmas Page with wreath.
11/1/04 Added Thanksgiving Page with Turkey.
10/1/04 Added Halloween Page pumpkin links.
6/19/04 Removed clover, added Flag, 4th of July Page.
3/6/04 Added St.Patrick's Day page.
1/14/04 Removed New Year graphic,added Valentines.
12/27/03 Removed Christmas Icon, added New Years.
12/8/03 Added Christmas Holiday Page.
11/18/03 Added Halloween, Thanksgiving Pages.
9/12/03 Update Awana Themes, add Awana schedule.
2/26/03 Added kidslinks,eternal life pages, photos.
2/24/03 Added more photos, updated Personal site.
2/19/03 Added FAQ, Photos, updated Personal site.
2/12/03 Added Awana Pages, updated Personal site.
2/1/03 Created content for Personal Pages.
1/24/03 Bookmark, Search Java Scripts added.
12/26/02 Blue Template from Duchess uploaded.


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