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Bible Quiz Page
Bible Quiz objectives:
  1. To encourage clubbers in Bible memorization, review books.
  2. Provide competition for clubbers to show Bible knowledge.
  3. Give clubbers a greater love, working Bible knowledge.
  4. Everyone learns about salvation, so they can accept Christ.

Handbook sections covered :
Current Book = Start Zone, Unit 1,2 (consult your local Awana Ministry Team for book requirements)

The Bible Quiz format consists of two main types of questions:
Multiple Choice Quiz - 8 Questions are asked with 3 possible answers given, kids pick their answers, then put up the appropriate letter A, B, or C paddle. Each answer is worth 10 points.

Speed Quiz - 8 questions are asked of 1 team member per book. When the question is asked the clubber may answer before the Quiz Master finishes the question as long as the child finishes the intent of the question after answering. The clubber has 20 seconds to start their answer and 40 seconds to complete it. Correct answer for first person buzzing in is 20 points, second is 10 points. Second buzz child answers if first was wrong, but only gets 10 points if correct. And if the child answers 3 questions correct and answered all the Multiple Choice questions correctly they get extra bonus points and a speical ribbon as an "Honor Quizzer". 3 correct answers child sits down - this is called "Quizing Out". If the child answers 2 wrong answers, they are not allowed to answer any other questions and asked to sit out. Electronic hand switches are used to tell who "buzzed in" first.

Study Guides, Questions, Review Sheets
Study guide design by
each Discovery/Challenge has individual pages

CamCC Bible Quiz Team Pics:

T&T Bible Quiz 2009
T&T Bible Quiz 2003 boys
T&T Bible Quiz 2003 girls

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