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Date Latest Update(s)/Additions
8/27/23 Updated Resume, References, Agreements, Feedback, Services
8/19/23 Removed flash, updated Agreements, Services, Schedule, Sitemap
2/2/11 Updated Tech Links
1/27/11 Updated Resume' Page, added counters.
1/22/11 Updated Contact info, and Resume'.
8/31/06 Updated all Awana pages.
10/1/05 Added Halloween Page pumpkin links.
8/7/05 Updated Scholarship Camp Page with 05 pics.
3/4/05 Added St.Patrick's Day page page, shamrock.
1/10/05 Added Valentinespage with heart icon.
12/3/04 Added Christmas Links with wreath.
11/1/04 Added Thanksgiving Links with Turkey.
10/1/04 Added Halloween Page pumpkin links.
6/19/04 Removed clover, added Flag, 4th of July Page.
3/6/04 Removed heart link added St.Patrick's Day page.
1/14/04 Removed New Years graphic, added Valentines.
12/27/03 Removed Christmas Icon, added New Year's.
12/8/03 Added Christmas Page.
11/18/03 Added Halloween, and Thanksgiving Pages.
3/27/03 Added Customers to Business References.
2/5/03 Added FAQ, updated all Business pages.
2/1/03 Created content for Personal Pages.
1/24/03 Bookmark, Search Java Scripts added.
12/26/02 Site Template from Duchess uploaded.


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