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Kirk's Personal Page


F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Barnes Computer Specialist business values?
My company "Barnes Computer Specialist" was created to:
  1. Help people by repairing their computer problems,
  2. Provide technical information and computer page links,
  3. Provide technical support to business, and the home,
  4. Provide income to help me to do all the above support.

How do I find Barnes Computer Specialist Services?
For a list of services my company provides click Services.

How do I find pricing information?
Click Agreements to find more information and pricing.

How do I contact (phone, email, postal mail) your business?
Click Contact Info or use the phone number below.

How Do I find things on this site?
Website Navigation:
Click on a blue navigation button on the left to move between pages, or click on the down arrow of the Jump To menu (above the buttons to select a page. Click Sitemap for a page directory.

To return to this page again click on the top Home icon button,
E-mail this company click the top Envelope (Contact Info) button,
(The Question Mark button is for the page you are on now.)
To bookmark this page click Add to Favorites Star Folder button,
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Search my website click Search Barnes Computer

How can I find out more about the owner Kirk Barnes?

For Owner Information click the links below or on the left buttons:
My Resume or My References or My Personal page.



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