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Grow as God's Child
Elementary Age Children's Discipleship Workbook

I wrote this workbook for elementary age children to understand the basic teachings
of Christianity from the Holy Bible. There are 19 Activities that can be used either in
one-on-one or in a group session. Reference the Outline for a listing of each Activity.

These PDF's are provided free to view the basics of this Workbook, and share with kids.
For Group Discipling by one Mentor please email me to receive Microsoft Power Point
slide shows. The entire workbook with 19 Activities and support materials will be
charged a one time fee per Mentor. Email me at
Title of Document Click this link to download
Discipleship Outline Outline
Discipleship Introduction Introduction
How to study the bible Bible Study
How to Pray Prayer
Quiet Time alone with god Quiet Time
Chart to use at Quiet time Quiet Time Chart only
Being forgiven from bad things we do Sin
Mentor Guide Leader Guide

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Kirk Barnes Updated February 1, 2011