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AwanaTM is an International children's Bible club, it's name is from the Bible

2 Timothy 2:15 A pproved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Camarillo Community Church is located off Las Posas Road, Carmen Dr. in the city of
Camarillo, California (Ventura County) which is along the 101 freeway north of L.A., CA.

The name Truth & Training reflects the passion of Awana to teach 3rd-6th grade boys and girls with the truth of God's Word, and to train them to follow Christ in their daily lives.
  1. T&T Boys Director Kirk Barnes
  2. T&T Girls Director Jackie Ellsberry

Important Dates 2018-19 club year

Date Time Event @ Location
September 13 6-8 pm First Night Awana Clubs @ CCC
September 15 9:00a-3p Awana Leaders Fall Conference @ CCC
September 27 6-8 pm Parents Night
October 19-20 all day CCC Awana Family Camp Santa Paula, CA
November 4 12:45-4p Sun. CCC Grand Prix Soap Box Car race
January 25-26 Fri 7pm CCC T&T Boys overnight - pickup Sat 8 am
April 27 Sat 8am-noon Sat. Car Wash/Breakfast camp fund raiser @ CCC
May 2 6pm-8pm Fairmont Fair game booths all night @ CCC
May 16 6-8 pm Water Night with Baptism
May 30 6-8 pm Awards Night
July 29-Aug 3 Mon.- Sat. CC Encounter Camp @ Malibu,CA

T&T Club Handouts
Gospel Message by color
Christian USA History facts
Chocolate History
Root Beer History
Stuff your Pockets Night

T&T Parents info
Child Learning style, Temperament
Memory verse tools
CCC Parent night Update
Spiritual Gifts test

T&T Club Info
Book Pace/Theme Schedule
Agents of Grace outline w verses
CCC T&T Parent Letter
Awana Doctrine
Awana T&T Club Rules

T&T Awards, Uniform Info
CCC Boys Nightly Awards
Green Uniform Patch placement
Blue Uniform Patch placement
T&T Handbook Extra Credit

T&T Awana Outing Handouts
Grand Prix Car Race info
CCC T&T Boys Events Calendar
Boys Overnight

Bible verse flash cards, music files Awana T&T Handbook Page

Forms, Learning Styles, Uniform info Awana T&T Leaders Page

Large Group Powerpoints, handouts Awana T&T Large Group Page

Awana Web Sites
Official Awana Page
Awana Central Coast CA Page
Awana official T&T website
Awana T&T Agents of Grace
Awana T&T Leaders Volunteers
Awana Leader Resources (need login)
Awana T&T Pinterest Page
Commander Bill T&T resources

Awana T&T Club Night, Outings Pictures
CCC Boys Decorate Leaders 2010
CCC Boys Decorate Leaders 2009
CCC Boys Overnighter 2011
CCC Boys Overnighter 2010
CCC Boys Overnighter 2006
CCC Boys Overnighter 2003
Awana T&T Bible Quiz 2009
Awana T&T Bible Quiz 2003 boys
Awana T&T Bible Quiz 2003 girls
Awana Scholars summer camp

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Elementary children's discipleship by Kirk Barnes

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